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Program Overview

Video highlighting the founding and mission of the Brady Scholars Program.

Do you ever wonder about national leaders in government, science, business, or community organizations? Do you ever wish they could be better—more thoughtful and reflective, more honest, more courageous, more dedicated? Do you ever think “I could do that better?”

We think you can.

The Brady Program in Ethics and Civic Life—A three-year academic program for Northwestern University students with a major in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences.  Applications are accepted in the spring of freshman year, Program courses and activities begin in the sophomore year.

Sophomore Year
Three sequential seminars titled:

Junior Year
Study abroad at a location of your choice or participate in the Engage Chicago immersion program.

Senior Year
Service learning seminars and Senior Class Project

Apply for a program dedicated to academic reflection from the tradition of the humanities, response from the global community, and the experience of the Evanston community. 


"From the sophomore year philosophy seminars to junior year abroad to the partnerships formed during the senior year community project, the Brady Scholars program has broadened my horizons and allowed me to better understand the various factors that affect the health of a community or population. The program does an excellent job of teaching us how to transition from a big picture perspective of what makes a good person, neighbor, and society to a more practical approach that encourages actually implementing these theories. The experience of working with a group to successfully complete a project within a year's time has been both challenging and rewarding. It has helped me to develop leadership, communication, and collaboration skills that I'm confident will benefit me in any field or career I choose in the future."  -Anjani Sheth, Class of 2016