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Sophomore Mentors

Selection of Scholars

In April, the cohort of Grad Fellows will participate in the selection of the incoming class of Brady Scholars. They are asked to interview candidates with the Director, review applications, and with other members of the selection committee, choose applicants who would make successful Brady Scholars. Applications are due April 7. Interviews are held and decisions are made before the end of the month.

Attendance is required.

Spring Reception

A reception in honor of Debbie Brady, the incoming class of Scholars and Brady Seniors is held in the spring.  This is a festive occasion and an opportunity to become more familiar with the new Scholars.

Attendance is required.

Others in attendance are faculty members who recommended new scholars to the Program, Brady Faculty Advisory Board, Brady teaching faculty, Debbie Brady and members from the Weinberg Deans Office. 

New Students' Get Acquainted Dinner

During Reading Week of Spring Quarter, the new class of Scholars meets for an informal dinner with the Director and Grad Fellows. Summer reading assignments are distributed.  Students are asked to read the book selected by thier Grad Fellow - one that is expected to have some special significance to them as they are entering the Brady Program.  It can be fiction or non-fiction; a scholarly work or one written for a wider audience; a discussion of current events, a contribution to social science, philosophy, etc.  Ideally it should provoke a good discussion and should not be a burden to read.

Attendance is required. 

Sophomore Retreat

The Sophomore Retreat, usually during the second weekend of Fall Quarter, is a snapshot of the work students can expect in the coming year: the study of moral philosophy; and practical application of the academic to work in the local community.

It is a daylong discussion of and reflection on summer reading assigned by Brady Teaching Faculty.  Students will have an opportunity to break into designated small groups to discuss the book assigned by their Graduate Fellows.  There will be a discussion about the things students can expect in the first year of the Program, and they will hear from a panel of upperclassmen and Grad Fellows about their experiences in the Program.

At the end of the Retreat, students are given Scavenger Hunt clues to locations around the city of Evanston.  Groups are given two to three weeks to work on these clues, gathering photos of group members at as many locations as possible.  This is a great way to get to know each other AND Evanston. 

Attendance is required.

Monthly Small Group Meetings

Small groups meet once each month. Grad Fellows provide ongoing support and guidance to their students as they learn about the city of Evanston and its social, economic, and political problems.  Together, groups will select a target issue that addresses unmet needs in the community.  Each group will present their issue to the cohort during Winter Quarter.

Oversee the progress of students' plans for study abroad.

Group Presentations 

Follow this link to understand the process.  Attendance is required at both rounds of presentations and voting.

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