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What is a Brady Scholar?

Several years ago, Weinberg College alumna Deborah Brady was concerned about the ethics of leaders in politics, business, law, science and medicine.  Why do so many succumb to temptation, deceit, or dishonesty?  Wanting to make a difference in the next generation of leaders, Debbie and Larry Brady generously established a program that is changing the way students at Northwestern think.  Students master the fundamentals in science, business and journalism, excel in creative endeavors in the arts, humanities and political theory.  This program asks students to stop and think about what it means to be good.

The Brady Program is an intellectual community of lively and engaged students who accept the challenge to approach ideas in a new way, using strong, vigorous analysis. It is a three-year course of study and practical experience.  The sophomore year is a series of quarterly seminars; the junior year is spent abroad or in a city immersion program; and in the senior year, students develop a project to benefit the local community.

Why Become a Brady Scholar?

"Being part of the Brady Scholars program is the one of the most intellectually stimulating decisions I have made at Northwestern. It has given me the opportunity to surround myself with intelligent, driven, and dynamic students, who will be part of my undergraduate career and beyond. In our classroom, you will find learning in its truest form - we learn by questioning, listening, and respecting."

-Isabel Garcia ‘15

“When I look at my Brady admissions essay, I notice that my definition of a good act was very broad.  I only considered the interaction between the self and the other, and some vague idea of “selflessness”.  The Brady Program breaks down the notion of “the good act” into parts. Now I think about goodness on levels I had never before considered, including how one’s own motivation for an act can determine its goodness.” 

Natalie Noble ‘11

“For me, our Brady Scholars class has become a kind of diverse academic family.  We all come from different backgrounds and studies, but are united in our desire to better our community and learn from each other. 

Rachel Park ‘14

“Being a Brady Scholar has opened my eyes to the issues of the Evanston community. I realize now that changing the world begins with helping the people around you and living honestly with yourself. Brady is a marvelous ethics program that has allowed me to get close with various professors and grow close to an amazing group of fellow scholars.”

-Connor Tatooles ‘15