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Program Requirements

Study Abroad Assignment

The Brady goal for your year abroad is to reflect with a mentor– a philosopher, ethicist, humanities scholar – on the part of the world you are visiting.  The local issue your class decided to explore should be central to your conversations each month.  Is this an issue in your foreign city/country?  If so, how are they managing it?  Might you incorporate their methods and solutions to your work on the senior project in Evanston?

Mentor Pairing

In the quarter before you travel, introduce yourself by letter to the Director of your study abroad program.  Your Grad Fellow has a sample letter to guide you.  Fellows will see that your letter reaches the Program Director at your destination abroad.  Within the first week of your arrival, arrange to meet with the Director to discuss mentor possibilities.  Mentors need not be experts on the issue you are exploring, but informed citizens interested in sharing insights about their culture.  As a courtesy to your mentor, a modest lunch or coffee will be our treat. Your expenses will be reimbursed upon your return.

Discussion Board

Stay in touch with your cohort, whether home or abroad.  It is expected that you check in at least once each month while away.  By email, share your experiences and respond to queries made by Grad Fellows and others in your cohort. 

Weekly Teas

When on campus, stay connected to Brady and join us for Tea! 

Study Abroad Tea

When you return from your travels, prepare a five to ten minute talk about what you learned, especially about the issue your class has chosen to address in your senior year.

Juniors who traveled between July and December will present in the winter of their Junior Year.

Juniors who traveled between January and June will present in the fall of their Senior Year.

Juniors Vote on Senior Project

Late Spring Quarter, Juniors who are on campus meet to vote on the project you will undertake in your Senior Year.  Those still abroad will be represented in the vote. Grad Fellows will join you in narrowing the scope of the issue you have been considering while abroad, to a tangible project idea with identifiable goals you wish to achieve. Back to top